Phantom Shredders is a group of volunteers, a small squadron of  "Shredders" -- family and friends who strive to reach our highest potentials in life. We push the boundaries of mind and body in extreme sports and grow in spirit as we work together to give back to our community, support our local young adults, and contribute to the preservation and environmental stability of Mount Hood forest, rivers, and lakes. This is our shared passion!

Common goals:  inspire, educate, labor, fellowship, intelligent conservation and ecology.

Phantom Shredders is loyal and committed to help our squadron and local young adults who need and greatly benefit from fellowship, guidance and support to pursue healthy, productive and rewarding paths in life.  Shredders are conscientious and aware of our impact on others and our surroundings. We care about the environment and contribute by clearing and removing recycled items, garbage, debris, and other contaminants from the glorious Mount Hood Area. We have the confidence to give 100% in every task we undertake, to complete each job with honor,  to have grace upon our squadron's fellowship and share our love of Mount Hood. We have the integrity to complete our goals for each of the four seasons.

Phantom Shredders' Sponsors help us give assistance to our young adults in the Mount Hood area. Our Sponsors donate:
  • food
  • clothing
  • first aid supplies
  • health & beauty products
  • linens & household items
  • arts & crafts supplies
  • sporting equipment
  • books
We strive to see Mount Hood is loved and appreciated and sustained and protected for all people to enjoy and appreciate. 

One of our future goals is to work with our community to replant native evergreen trees, western red cedars, hemlocks, and firs.

Our Free Time On Mount Hood is cherished, reflecting on the memories  of our loved ones who have perished,  those who are disabled in their life now,  honoring and sharing their love and passion of the big mountains, epic rivers, quiet lakes, lush forests, jagged rock cliffs...

We Shred For Them!

We Give Great Thanks To Our Sponsors. 

Be Present. Volunteer Your Talent, Time, Energy, Love.

Lorilee Amos

Director, Phantom Shredders

Professional Skier, Environmentalist, Horticulturist, Artist

Mount Hood, Oregon U.S.A.

  Text/(503) 310-6796


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